About Us

So, we hear you like…

buying local

Panoply. (say it with us… ‘Pan-oh-plee’)
It might be tricky to say, but our mission is pretty clear.

We want more art in the world.

In fact, we’re dedicated to getting more art on the walls of homes all over Australia. Maybe even the world

Great art makes you feel things. It can inspire you, give you hope or simply a smile to your face at the end of a long day.

Whether it be original artworks or limited edition paper prints or canvas, we believe great art should be affordable for everyone and we’re working to deliver that mission through this site.

So free yourself from boring white walls and find your own style through some of Australia’s best artists, available right here on our website (pretty handy, eh?)

What we offer.


Original Artwork

There’s only one of you, so own a one-of-a-kind artwork.

Your canvas or framed work will be sent directly to you from the artist and you’ll have the privilege of knowing you own the real deal.


Canvas Prints

Fallen in love with an artwork, but looking for a cheaper option?

Canvas prints are original artworks printed onto canvas, both framed and unframed. These are made to order and delivered to your door ready to hang.


Paper Prints

For a clean, uniform look in your home, framed prints offer the perfect modern touch.

We offer open and limited edition paper prints both framed and unframed.