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Carolyn’s acrylic paintings are inspired by her rural upbringing, travels to  Europe, Africa and America soaking up the varied cultures and environments. Her subject matter is as varied as her techniques often bringing in an element of humour with elegantly dressed animals or oversized cows, sure to bring an abundance of joy.

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  • $ 200$ 1,800


    Vibrant , rich colours and the magnificent Irises. Abstract artist Carolyn Harrington, paints in Acrylic on Canvas
    $ 200$ 1,800
    $ 200$ 1,800
  • $ 495$ 1,950

    Flying Saucers

    Australian Artist, Carolyn Harrington  brings to the viewer a dreamy impression of floating bowls in greens and pinks. The work is painted in acrylic on Canvas  
    $ 495$ 1,950
    $ 495$ 1,950