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Margot Baird is a painter, printmaker, ceramics, photography, mosaics, and sculpture artist. She works extensively in mixed media. Along with teaching and lecturing, Margot has contributed professionally as a curator and in interior design. Her works are held in private collections in Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan , Malaysia, New Zealand , Scotland, Singapore and the USA.

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  • $ 180$ 3,100

    Inland Lake

    Experience in  painting extensively in mixed media comes together in the works of Award winning artist Margot Baird.\ Strong lines and bold colours used bring together a dinamic  finish.
    $ 180$ 3,100
    $ 180$ 3,100
  • $ 180$ 2,170

    The Sea

    Award winning artist Margot Baird's bold strong works excite the viewer. Experience in  painting extensively in mixed media is Margot's forte.
    $ 180$ 2,170
    $ 180$ 2,170